Halukova E.S., art critic
«It's not about learning to paint, but about learning to think».

Frederic de Stendhal
Krasnoyarsk artist Alla Maximova is an open and straightforward person. She has always clearly imagined her future with a paintbrush in her hands in front of a blank canvas reflecting all her thoughts, feelings and perceptions. She was going straight without turning: art school in Sayanogorsk, Art and Design Department of Yeniseysk Teaching College, Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Architecture and Design had made her a professional artist and a teacher. Not everyone is hoped to combine these things. A lot of her time Alla Maximova is engaged in fruitful teaching activity. She has her own art studio with never-ending students. Actively painting teacher is likely to have a great value in educational process. Wouldn't you like to know what skills and knowledge your teacher has? Wouldn't you be sure that she is not only a theorist but only a practiсian? And here you can be helped with numerous personal and collective exhibitions of Alla Maximova. Alla Sergeevna has presented her artworks for exhibitions since 2005 and for that period they have counted more than 20 exhibition projects.
Exhibitions were held at the art galleries of Krasnoyarsk, at various museums of the Krasnoyarsk region and at the Exhibition and Business center "Mix Max". You can always look at her art pieces on her personal website and in her art studio. Though Alla Sergeevna herself basically paints in oils, she teaches not only painting that mostly reflects her mastery, but only the basis of any art work - design. It is impossible to express any idea without knowledge about design and consequently about perspective, space, light and shadows. It will always seem to you that your work will lack of clarity of thought, accuracy of expression and precision of lines. All these things are provided by full knowledge of painting basis. And this is what Alla Maximova has been taught for long years, gradually going up through all stages of art education.
Having background of education at classical art school of realism in her work Krasnoyarsk artist Alla Maximova has decided to move on to another direction and add on to her art works unreal, sometimes even fantastic images.

From realism the artist moved to implementation of ideas evoken by fantasy, dreams, imagination and subconsciousness. Among her works you can meet both absolutely unreal art pieces with characters from dreams and decorative works that contain more play with reality than implementation of fantastic ideas. Don't we sometimes think that clouds have some specific form and seem like animals and birds? Don't we imagine a conversation of a beloved couple in the rolling noise of the surf?
A lot of superstitions, comparisons, ghost effects can be seen in picturesque images.
Some pictures performed by Alla Sergeevna are full of romantic dreams, others are filled with light sadness, third pictures have a tint of philosophical thinking, forth are full of humour. The creation of such works are not so widely spread among artists as it is a special skill to add a little humour to your art piece without making it a common picture.
In humoristic works a viewer sees images of mischievous children, funny dwarves, playful cats.

Some pictures performed by Alla Sergeevna are full of romantic dreams, others are filled with light sadness, the third pictures are of tint of philosophical thinking, forth are full of humor.
In some spaces of the subconscious, that Alla Sergeevna creates, you can lose the touch with reality so that you begin to feel the artpiece, penetrate into it and go on to be impressed by that picture many hours after its viewing.
In realistic landscapes and still life paintings the artist pays more attention to flowers, fruits and certainly her favourite city with its suburbs, landscapes of Krasnoyarsk.
Keep in mind that practice is the most important part of painting like in any other area. And Krasnoyarsk artist Alla Maximova has lots of working hours.
She often goes out sketching, finds out new places for plein air and paints, paints and paints. And that wonderful pictures that she creates and that seem a miracle at first sight, in fact are not a magic performance, it is the result of hard work and practice. Every artist has its own manner, it own way of reflection of the surrounding reality in his/her pictures. However, here, as in any other profession, you need not only talent, but outstanding eagerness. Alla Maximova inspires respect for her diligence. Would you be able to maintain working discipline if you have no strict obligations and you do not have to wake up in the morning to go to work? Nowadays it is called freelance work. And many lazybones have this sin when they call themselves freelancers in fact being not able to follow elementary rules of discipline. And only few people are really ready to work for several hours a day and constantly striving to self-perfection.

Alla Sergeevna is definitely a person of iron and exact self-discipline. Her sketches and pictures are an ultimate verification of these facts.
She can paint a picture for you for 2 days, whether it is a landscape or a still life painting, decoration or genre composition filled with humour. And only eternal eagerness, work and practice are an insurance of the thing that a viewer calls a miracle afterwards.
We are often impressed by landscapes that we see every day, not at the art gallery, but going through the city or walking at parks. In art we often admire of the things that we hardly notice in our usual life.
An artist can so vividly express in his work a familiar angle of the city that we will be impressed by his beauty. Frederic de Stendhal wrote about it: "A novel is the mirror that you go through a big road with. Sometimes it reflects the sky blue of the horizon, sometimes - dirty puddles and bumps." When an artist begins to paint from nature, she does not imagine anything but only looks up for necessary perspective, composition and lighting.

Alla Maximova is a young artist, she was born in 1980. She still looks for creative research and has lots of plans for her future. A significant indicator of her professionalism is the fact that now when the creative way of Alla Sergeevna is in the very height many of her art pieces have already decorated fund collections of several museums of the Krasnoyarsk region and are the part of private collections in Russia and abroad.
Probably, now we should tell about specific works of Alla Maximova in details but it means that we deprive you of the pleasure from its viewing. That is why we give a viewer a chance to feel and assess every work by himself. You can see art pieces of Krasnoyarsk artist Alla Maximova on her personal website or in her art studio.

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